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Testing laboratory

Developing new products requires a considerable amount of theoretical knowledge and a substantial dose of practical application experience. And thanks to our testing laboratory we have this at our disposal.

Only after elaborate testing ....
To make sure our products meet all requirements, they are submitted to a large variety of tests. The guideline for this is the international ISO 22883 standard.
At our testing laboratory our products are tested for the following aspects:
• We determine the service life of each product.
• We assess dynamic factors such as rolling- and swivel resistance and starting and threshold resistance.
• We measure the influence of environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, contamination, static electricity, floor type and vibrations.
• We study the influence of extreme stress such as impact load, high speed and overloading.

.... a Colson wheel!
Laboratory testing is followed by an extensive practical testing phase. Only when the product meets all the requirements during this phase, it will earn the designation: Colson wheel.
Objective Comparising Tests

Objective Comparising Tests

Impact Testing Impact Testing
Endurance Tests  Rough Conditions Testing  Rough Conditions Testing
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