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Knowledge of applications

Which wheel is used where?
We know! This is because of our extensive knowledge of applications. And this knowledge determines our success.

For each application ....
Extreme heat or cold? A 10,000 kgs- load? A moist or dirty environment? Many factors influence the ultimate wheel choice. And we do not select on a whim. First we study all the company environment factors which apply. It is only then that we submit an advice for the right wheel of choice.

.... the best wheel!
This procedure is very successful: for years our clients have been selecting our wheels for their demanding applications. Imagine the logistical processes in and around flower auctions. Or the transportation in large airport cargo facilities where time is always a major factor to be reckoned with. Our application knowledge ensures the right wheel is used in the right place!

Successful market segments
• airports
• distribution centres
• distributors
• food industry
• manufacturing companies
• hospitals
• various other applications
Train of Flower carts

Flower Auction Aalsmeer

Laundry container
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