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Distribution Centers

In distribution centres everything revolves around speed and efficiency. After all, the client prefers to have the goods delivered by yesterday. The wheels fitted to the containers play a crucial role in ensuring transportation to run smoothly.

For smooth transportation .... Heavily loaded containers are mostly moved manually. This is why it is important that wheels run and swivel smoothly. And not only within the distribution company. Manoeuvring of carts in the truck and subsequently delivering them to the client, usually across streets, is no small feat!

.... the perfect solution Our design and our materials offer the perfect solution for this heavy duty application. Precision bearings for easy movement and smooth swivelling. And durable tyre solutions for maintenance free running and a long service life.

Do you need more information? Do you want to learn more about our distribution centre applications? Do not hesitate to contact us. Of course you can also contact us in case you require technical information or want to apply for a sample. We will gladly answer all your questions!
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distribution center

distribution center

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