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Air cargo or luggage needs to end up in the right aircraft. Quickly and efficiently. This requires adequate means of transportation. We provide the perfect wheel for every logistical system. It is no coincidence that we are the preferred supplier of many airlines and airports throughout the world!

Transportation of air cargo ....
Thousands of kilos of air cargo ... Delivered daily to the large cargo centres of each airport. This cargo needs to be carefully packaged and loaded into containers or onto pallets, sorted by destination and country. Thanks to our Cargo Castors these goods are smoothly rolled into the aircraft. These special swivel castors, mounted upside down, ensure quick and efficient distribution of tons of air cargo. The floors, dollies and high loaders are all fitted with large numbers of Colson Cargo Castors.

.... with our experience
We have extensive airport logistical experience. The working environment in this sector requires reliable products. Whether it is the Cargo Castors for the cargo department, or the wheels and castors fitted to the luggage trolleys.

Do you need more information? Do you want to learn more about our airport applications? Do not hesitate to contact us. Of course you can also contact us in case you require technical information or want to apply for a sample. We will gladly answer all your questions!

Cargo Dolly

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